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Vancouver Island and B.C. Trucking with Aaren Jackson

Vancouver Island and B.C. Trucking with Aaren Jackson

An old friend and high miler checks in from the left coast.

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Voice Of GO(r)D is very happy to bring you a chat with a real old friend and fellow trucker, a guy I’ve known since high school, Mr Aaren Jackson.

Aaren has been trucking for almost as long as I have, and now lives on Vancouver Island, and joins the show to discuss our growing up together in Southern Ontario, his long career in the business, which includes many years as an owner operator hauling pigs and cattle across Western Canada, and now sees him navigating the mountains and valleys of the Island and mainland B.C.

Fans of the TV show ‘Highway Thru Hell’ will want to listen to this, as Aaren describes the reality of trucking over mountain passes throughout B.C., and various other aspects of the business.

Aaren is far more Based than I am, and you can’t find him on the internet.

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