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Headhunting Truckers with Charles Gracey

Headhunting Truckers with Charles Gracey

A Discussion on driver recruiting and expectations of drivers and companies in 2023.

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Voice Of GO(r)D is very happy to bring you a discussion with Charles Gracey, founder of Hot Seat Services, a truck driver recruitment agency, and the Sense Per Mile podcast. We go over Charles' long history in the business, what the driver recruiting business is like, issues with finding and placing drivers, driver training, what companies are looking for in 2023, the fake driver shortage narrative, and solutions to help fix the business.

You can check out Hot Seat Services website here, especially if you're a driver looking for a job, or a company looking for a driver -

Sense Per Mile is available on all of your favorite podcatchers and over at FreightWaves.

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Autonomous Truck(er)s
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